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Trails End is a private, waterfront campground resort. Lot owners may build permanent camping additions, room enclosure and even cottages. The Association is governed by Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and Covenants and managed by five directors.

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Recent News


The Association Office will be open Saturday, May 2nd & May 9th from 8am to 12pm to allow property owners to obtain the new gate entry passes.



Water off on Friday, April 24th

On Friday, April 24th the water will be off on Silverside Dr. and Bream Dr. from approximately 10am to 3pm for repairs.

This was originally scheduled for Thursday the 23rd but has been changed.

Thank you!

Water off on Thurs., April 23rd

UPDATE:  On Thursday, April 23rd the water will be off in section 1-1 for water repairs.

It will be off from approximately 10am – 3pm.

Thank you!

Owner Cards for New Gate Entry System

The office is requesting information from all property owners for the issuance of new owner cards for the gate system. Owner passes will be issued to all individuals listed on the deed. Additional passes will be made available for minor children, Associate and Auxiliary members.

If you have not already submitted your form to the office, please click on the link below to obtain a copy of the document. This information may be faxed to the office, 757-824-0262, sent via e-mail to info@trailsendassoc.com, brought into the office (please have your form filled out in advance) or mailed to CBTEA, P.O. Box 240, Horntown, VA 23395.

Form for New Gate Entry Passes

Owner passes will be issued to all deed members and to minor children (age 17 and under). The first pass obtained for these individuals will be free of charge. Non-owner passes to include Associate members (age 18 and over) and Auxiliary member cards will be issued for a fee of $5.00 each. If a pass is lost, the replacement fee for each card will be $10.00.

Property owners do not have to make an appointment to obtain new cards. We simply ask that you visit the office at your convenience during normal business hours. The office is open every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm. The office will be open on Saturdays beginning April 25th from 8:00 am until noon going forward until after Labor Day.

Transponders are available for vehicles in addition to the new entry passes for a fee of $25.00. Please be aware you are not required to purchase a transponder. This is an optional item that would allow you to use the “fast lane” instead of having to swipe your card upon entry.

Old guest passes that do not have an expiration date will now be considered expired. You will be allowed the opportunity to exchange them on a one-to-one basis, not to exceed 20 passes to be credited to your account accordingly.


Dumpsters arriving on May 20th – June 1st

2 Dumpsters will be placed in the field for clean up purposes on May 20th through June 1st.  No liquids or containers with liquid inside, no large metal objects, no fuel tanks and nothing larger than a microwave can be put in them.  You can put yard debris, tree limbs, etc.


Restaurant Renovations

IMG_2206 IMG_2212 IMG_2208 IMG_2209

Energy Saving & Solutions

The Board of Directors is asking for volunteers to research potential energy saving and alternative energy solutions for Trails End facilities and possibly extending to use by property owners on their properties.  Areas to investigate will include LED lighting, occupancy sensors, solar lighting, solar energy, wind power, point of use water heaters, and any other areas of interest.  This will be an on-going project to investigate cost, savings, and payback.  This group will be working with Rick Pearce and Sherry Sullivan to determine priorities and to get further information.

Policy for Records Inspections and Cost Schedule

Chincoteague Bay Trails End Association Inc.

Policy for Records Inspections and Cost Schedule

  1. In accordance with 55-510(D) of the Code of Virginia, prior to providing copies of any books and records to a member of the Association who requested the same in accordance with the provisions of 55-510 and §13.1-801 et seq. of the Code of Virginia, as amended, the Association shall impose and collect a charge for both of the following:

For the labor costs associated with the Association’s employees and/or agents complying with such copying and production:

Office worker labor and overhead at $16.00 per hour.

Management labor and overhead at $27.00 per hour (Labor charges will be billed in 30 minutes intervals).

For the cost of materials, 25 cents per page, for the cost of black and white copies, and 95 cents per page, for the cost of color copies.  Copies of documents larger in width and/or length than standard (8 Yi x 11) copy paper and/or legal-sized paper shall be charged at a rate that shall be determined by the Association in its discretion, but in no case shall the rate be greater than the actual copying cost thereof.

For faxing pages, $1.00 for the first two pages, $2.00 for up to five pages, and 50 cents for each page after five pages.

  1. This cost schedule shall apply equally to all members of the Association in good standing and shall be provided to a requesting member at the time a request is made.
  2. All applications must clearly state the purpose for which the information is requested.
  3. Copies of information from the owners file will charged $0.25 per page to cover both labor and materials.
  4. This policy will be effective immediately.




Please be aware the gate arm will only allow one vehicle to pass through at a time.  The arm will automatically come down as the vehicle moves through.  If you do not wait for the vehicle to advance and allow the arm to come down, it will hit your vehicle.  There is no manual shut off button for this.  Please proceed with caution and use patience!